CHIKUNO CUBE is made of Japanese bamboo charcoal for air air purification.
If you use this cube, you can feel good condition of air in all the days.

  Our bamboo that used for CHIKUNO CUBE are planted in the North of
  Kyoto in Japan. It is said that bamboo in this area has powerful and
  high quality.
  In our workshop, craftsmen make bamboo charcoal by hand.

  As bamboo charcoal, it is important how spaces to touch air because
  the surface of absorption is in proportion. So, we tried to change form.
  At first, we pulverrized the charcoal, and then, press the powder into
  the shape of honeycomb cube by natural binder , for increasing area
  of surface. As a result, 1 CHIKUNO CUBE can have surfaces above a
  hundred times as large as the same type of cube that is not
  honeycomb. CHIKUNO CUBE weigh about 30g, but it has surface of
  the cube as 10kg.
  CHIKUNO CUBE absorbs and emoves gasses like ethylene and ammonia in a refrigerator.
We recommend using this in closets and small bathrooms,too.
If the environment is too humid, the cube absorbs moisture, and if the environment is too dry, it releases moisture, thus maintaining an optimum level of humidity.
If placed in a closet containing toxic substances such as formaldehyde or toluene, the cube absorbs and removes them, making the room healthy.

CHIKUNO CUBE is compact but have powerful ability to purify air.
It not only reduces stress and provides a sense of relaxation, but is also a fascinating piece of interior decoration.
eep maintaining moisturized skin, cleansing and maintaing torn and tension on skin and hairs, Minimizing dandruff and itchness.


Dry it in the sun for about 5 or 6 hours at least once a mouth after
lightly wiping dirt off with a dry cloth or a brush.
The standard time limit is about one year.

it is a completely eco-friendly material which eventually returns to the soil.

1 cube is in a package.
Pacage colurs are 9 colours.
Winner of the Japanese Good Design Award, 2008

Bamboo charcoal powder(ultrafine powder)/Sepiorite/Binder


  ■Small : includes 1 cube and wooden tray for display.
  ■Large : includes 4 cubes and wooden tray for display.