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CHIKUNO CUBE is made out of bamboo charcoal. Even though it is very small, it has the remarkable ability to
purify the atmosphere of any room in which it is placed.
Moreover, because the charcoal is made of bamboo, it is a completely eco-friendly material which eventually
returns to the soil.
How does it have this effect? If you look at the cross section of bamboo charcoal through a microscope,
you can see that it has countless holes forming a structure like a cluster of intricate tubes. When the interior
area of the holes measured, it amounts to more than 300 square meters per 1 gram of charcoal, resulting in
its excellent absorptive capacity.

Effect of this Bamboo charcoal
¥Clarification of air ¥Deodorization ¥Keep humidity constant
¥Adsorption of ammonia, formaldehyde, and toluene etc.
Examples of usage
¥Please put it as it is.
¥When it is put as honeycomb- side horizontally, air flows easily
through, the holes therefore it works more effectively.
¥Normally one Bamboo charcoal is enough for one mat
( one mat = 90 cm ~@180 cm), although it changes a little depend on
the situation or the degree of air pollution.
All of the materials used for this Banboo charcoal are natural.
Therefor, there might be a little distortion in shape and size,
and weight might change a little by humidity and a climet.
Size: 41~41~ 41mm(standerd size) Weight: approximately 30g
Element: Bamboo charcoal powder (ultrafine powder),
Sepiorite, Binder
¥CHIKUNO CUBE is soluble in water. So don't use it in water or
water splash.
¥This item is made of natural materials. So heavy impact will damage it.
¥Keep it away from small children.
¥This item is nontoxic, but if it is put in your mouth or the splinter
gets in your eyes,
consult the doctor if necessary.
¥There is functionally no problem if there are small cracks or lacks
on the surface.
¥This item uses powdery Bamboo charcoal,
so charcoal powder might remain slightly in your hand
when you tatch it, or on the place it is put.
¥Dry it in the sun for about 5 or 6 hours at least once a month
after lightly wiping dirt off with a dry cloth or a brush.
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