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effective, gentle, safe, beautiful for your body
M-soap is made for bare skin to cover whole body, from
head to toe. It could be used for facial cleansing, shampoo,
not only limited for body soap. Besides, it is great for every
ocassion on daily basis, even at a kitchen. In order to keep

Effect of bamboo@charcoal
By adding bamboo@charcoal in the soap, it is possible to enhance
deodorize, sterilize, and gentleness. Due to silky suds and form, it is
able to assist removing dirts on the skin as well as dusts inside pores
of the skin without firm scrubbing.
Our@bamboo@charcoal was originally made using high quality bamboos
which are grown along the Yura River at the Tango Peninsula in
Kyoto. In order to maintain the highest achievable quality of the
bamboo charcoal, workshop was successfully able to develop unique
processes for managing both raw materials and prodection lines
Materials made for Safe Application
Soap is used daily and directly on your skin; therefore, raw materials
is very essential and critical. Defnitely no preservatives and artificial
flavors were added to produce the M-soap.
Keep maintaining moisturized skin, cleansing and maintaing torn and
tension on skin and hairs,
Minimizing dandruff and itchness.
Soap made for Everybody
M-soap is made without lauric acid, which often causes irritant and
tense feeling on sensitive skin as well as enhaces bubbles formation.
This will minimize irritation and create creamy suds to cover
sensitive skin.
Relax and Clean
M-soap will provide you both clean skin and relax in your mind,
which is an ideal representation of a soap. In addition, unique marble
pattern on the M-soap will last to the end until it is going to finish
using up.
Soap base
Potassium soap base
Brown sugar
Bamboo charcoal
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